What is Copper and Aluminum Separator Radiator Recycling Machine?


What’s Copper and Aluminum Separator Radiator Recycling Machine?

Defination of the radiator copper aluminum separator machine

First, we need to understand what’s is radiator?

radiator is used in air conditioner, car and water tank, most of the radiator is comes from these items; radiator is consist of copper ,aluminum and less quantity metal.

1: most of the radiator in the market are the scrap radiator and used;

2: there’s air conditioner factory their radiator is under quality ,this kinds of radiator are new, so,these people will think how to deal or recycling it?

the traditional method is if we process scrap radiator by hand,then it’s too low efficiency and very difficulty and waste time,sometimes maybe danger.

How to separate copper from aluminum radiator?

There’s 2kinds of recycling machine,I’ll introduce for you one by one kinds,pls see as follows.

After so many years study and research,we known clearly about the radiator structure,so after serveral years development, we invent the radiator stripper machine,we have patent for this machine,this is one kinds machine,we see the machine first:

Our wholesale copper alumminum radiator separator machine is consist of 6shaft, the first couple is to control the raw material input;the second couple is to control the blades distance,the third couple is to press the material after peeled; different couple have different purpose.

1st generation machine for process double and single layer radiator

Radiator changing is trouble,we need to use wrench screw the bolt or loosen the bolts,now this 1st genaration radiator stripper machine is already eliminate.

2nd generation used radiator equipment machine the design is changing, it’s easy and convience for process between single layer and double layer radiator, if you want to change between double layer and single layer, there’s design a handle, you only need to move the radiator stripper machine handle is ok,so very easy and fast and time saving. 

Which kinds of radiator suit for our copper or aluminum radiator machine?

Waste radiator from scrap air conditioner manufacture,scrap car radiator or waste water tank radiator, these radiator should be flat and not curved,need tidy.

  for one layer radiator or double layer radiator,our radiator fin machine can process directly.

  for above 2layer radiator, you need to use radiator cutting machine to cut it into 1layer or 2layer,then use air conditioner recycling machine process.

Our scrap copper aluminum radiator separator machine is very good and widly used in our country and overseas customer, all our machine have gain a good fame from our customer.

What is AC Radiator Recycling Line?

Another machine is our radiator recycling plant ,we also called copper aluminum radiator separator machine ,this copper aluminum crusher and separator machine is to crushed the material first into small pcs and then separated into copper granular and aluminum chips, the end products picture for you as follows:


Flow sheet: raw material →crusher →conveyor→copper aluminum separation box→dust collection→copper/aluminum

For copper aluminum separator recycling plant, it’s more easy for customer to process scrap radiator,this big recycling plant is fit for big customer and the curved radiator which radiator stripping machine can’t processing.

So, which kinds of aluminum copper radiators machine you choose, it will according your demands.

no matter which kinds you want, we all can customized for you, just call me: 008613772508206.

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