How to choose a good Copper Granulator Recycling Machine from China manufacture?


What is Copper Wire Granulator and Cable Separator Recycling Machine?how to choose a good copper recycling equipment from China manufacture?

Scrap Copper Wire Recycling Machine is for scrap cable or wire which will separate the copper and plastic, because the separated end products is just like rice,so we called it copper wire or copper rice machine.copper wire machine is besides one of the environmental products macihnery.


Waste Copper Recycling Machine classification

1:Dry Cable Granulator machine
2:Wet or Water Recycling Separator Machine

can it process copper wire and aluminum wire?

many wire granulator machine can process copper wire only, but with our new tech and improved technical,not only process copper wire but also aluminum wire or cable are all ok, the most important is the performance is very good.

Dry Cable Wire Granulator Machine

Why we called it dry wire recycling machine? Because this method is recycling without water, mainly adopt air separation and vibrator function in order to reach the separated purpose.
Electrostatic separator is mainly for the crushed and recycled pvc with less copper, whose want to recycling 100% and don’t want to waste a little copper, this equipment is widly used in the modern society.
For some customer thinking it’s not cost performace,so some choose it and some not.

Flow chart: crush-air separation and vibrator separation-duct collection-electrostatic separator

Water Wire Recycling Machine
scrap copper crusher recycling equipment of Water recycling for scrap wire or cable is the traditional method,the idea of this recycling method is mainly come from the ore dressing.the wet separation type is mainly separated by the gravity table.

Process flow: crush - water-separation with water, 

because this kinds of method with water in processing the scrap cable generally cause the secondary pollution to the environment, but it can effectively recycling the mixed or complex cable or wire,plug wire and very thin wire, now this method is also used in production, after these years improve, wet recycling machine is improved with new tech, so it’s only small very less water in production and basicly no pollution to the environmental.

All Scrap Wire Granulator Machine scope and function:
Scrap cable wire crusher recycling machine is mainly for process all kinds of wire, such as car wire,mixed cable,communication cable which diameter under 20mm and the wire or cable not fit for wire stripper machine,after crushing, vibration sieve separation or water separation, copper and pvc or plastic can be separated completely and achieve the purpose of the comprehensive utilization, has good economic benefit and no secondary pollution.the main parts of automatic cable granulator machine is one parts, easy for install and try running, and the transportion is also convenience, after customer get machine, they only need to connect to the power,then can begin production and performance is very steady.


Development trends

The domestic waste cable recycling industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the copper wire obtained after using the above technologies to treat waste cables can only be used as waste copper, which still needs to go through smelting, electrolysis and other processes to become raw copper.

Copper granulator machine is a kind of advanced technology to deal with waste cable.The copper wire recycling machine with advanced technology has a very good effect on waste cables. After a series of processing methods, the waste cables can get pure copper particles and plastics.Alleged copper rice, it is copper grain or copper granular, its mass is equivalent to the mass of electrobath copper, can use directly.

Some enterprises in our country also produced copper cable recycling machine to deal with waste cable, after so many years accumulated and improved , the effect is very good and can compete with the foreigner machine.

The main indexes of measuring copper granulator and separator machine are purity of copper rice, amount of residual copper in plastic skin, power consumption, environmental protection and production cost.At present, there are many kinds and grades of copper cable recycling machine in our country, the main problem is there’s some small factory which the small scale and low purity of processed copper granular, which can not be directly used as refined copper.

Our company is more than 20year experience in this fields for production,we are manufacture and supplier importer and exporter,buyer and seller for copper recycling machine, our machine is really can get pure copper and high efficiency in production,our machine is have 60% market in China at least and our machine widly used in China and get all good comments from our customer.
Accordingly, efficient and energy-saving of copper cable granulator machine occupies business opportunity in the future, will become market mainstream.1. No dust and no secondary pollution, which can protect the environment;2. Integrating a variety of advanced technologies, it reduces the cost of human resources from used copper pvc separation machine, improves the production efficiency and has high economic benefits.Therefore, it can meet the current market gap, to meet market demand.

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